Mike Flannigan

An Ex Cop and Prince Hagen's Ghoul


Name: Mike Flannigan
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Sociopath
Concept: Bitter Ex-Cop
Domitor: Prince Hagen
Duties Surveillance, Security

Apparent Age:62
Year Ghouled: 1982
Date of Birth: 5-2-1920
Place of Birth: Boston
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Irish
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 230
Sex: Male


Mike comes from a family of Irish cops. Mike followed in his family’s footsteps, and became a cop as well, making Mike the third generation of Flannigans to become police officers. Mike worked his way up the ranks-did his time as a beat cop and car patrol, and eventually received his detective’s shield. Mike was eventually assigned to narcotics, and it was there he honed his skills in surveillance, shadowing , and espionage-also framing suspects and cleaning up a messy crime scenes.

The trouble came to Mike, precisely because he became a narcotics detective. He began accepting payoffs-substantial payoffs. In time, Mike began working for a major heroin dealer, operating his security, and more or less becoming the drug kingpin’s bodyguard. Despite it being illegal, Mike found this work much more interesting, and much more profitable. He could also continue his police work busting his boss’s competition, or sending troublesome personnel away. His job would not last, however.

Mike’s boss was gunned down by a rival faction, and Mike was put on indefinite administrative leave when he shot and killed the rival kingpin a bit later. It came to light that Mike was accepting graft money, and employed by the organization. Mike ended up resigning from the force in exchange for his silence for it would have proved embarrassing to the police commissioner and other upper echelon officers also receiving graft.

Mike was done being a cop. He opened up a private investigation firm. Again this expanded his contacts both of the legal and illegal variety. He also had access to illegal surveillance devices which proved to sharpen his skills further despite the fact that most of the work dealt with cheating spouses.

Hagen needed a man like Mike Flannigan who had a certain moral flexibility. Hagen hired Mike on a ruse, and spiked Mike’s coffee with his vitae, and eventually ghouled him.

Image: Mike was born in 1920 and he was ghouled in 1982 at the age of 62, He has a shaven head and a close cropped goatee. He is about 5’11" and weighs 230 pounds all muscle. It’s his lack of emotion and dead eye stare which most often disconcerts those when having dealings with him.

Roleplaying: Mike is loyal to his master Hagen not only via the blood bond, but also out of a sense of duty. He is old school in that way. Mike is a pragmatist and a realist, and isn’t afraid to offer his opinion to Hagen when needed. There is very little that surprises him or disconcerts him. In his long years as a cop and P.I. there is little he hasn’t seen. He is known to get much done with only a phone call.

Mike Flannigan

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