Edmund Blackavar

A Photographer of Dark Desires


Name: Edmund Blackavar
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Autocrat
Concept: Artiste/ Photographer
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 10th
Sire: Inez Ramos

Apparent Age:30
Date of Birth: 27th October 1958
RIP: 23ed February 1988
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Scandinavian/Italian
Height: 6’1
Weight: 170
Sex: Male



Edmund Blackavar was born on the 27th October 1960 to a working class family. His mother was Italian and his father of Scandinavian descent. His parents met while his dad was stationed in Genoa as a marine. Edmund inherited his good looks primarily from his mother, but his high cheekbones and blue eyes from his father.

Edmund was quite different from his peers. As early as he could remember, Edmund was always drawing, or coloring, and creating things. He was always very sensitive and artistic. His mother encouraged him by purchasing art supplies which she secretly scrimped and saved to to give him everything he might need. It seemed to her and Edmund’s teachers confirmed that he was a gifted artist. His father thought it foolish and a bit effeminate. Edmund’s father tried to interest him in sports or mechanics, but to no avail. The summer Edmund spent in little league, he was absolutely miserable much to the chagrin of his father. He was benched because of his indifference, and he could care less about mechanics; though he enjoyed sketching the carburetor.

By the time Edmund was in junior high, he discovered painting and color. He painted some portraits which looked mature with a style beyond his years. He began receiving awards and prizes. In fact every medium he touched, he excelled in it-a true prodigy. When he was in high school he discovered photography and fell absolutely in love with the medium. He became obsessive about photography, reading about different developing techniques, and looking at works which had come before .He worked on his high school newspaper as the photographer, and began shooting unique portraits of his fellow students. Edmund had a knack for capturing the essential in portraits. At this time he also began exhibiting his photos, and he was touted as the newest and youngest rising star. Edmund earned a full scholarship to a prestigious art school in Seattle. His father no longer believed that art school was a waste of time.

During art school he discovered sexuality of a darker nature-bondage, discipline, sadomasochism -like any new discovery, Edmund became obsessed. He began photographing his lovers, and figures in the BDSM community. Edmund also began getting contacts in the fashion and modeling world. A Blackavar portrait was sure to garner attention as they possessed a certain edginess over the usual fare in the industry. He became sought after and demanded by supermodels.

For his Masters project/thesis, he exhibited a series of shots he did with a model which went beyond the pale, and was so erotic and scandalous that instead of graduating, he was expelled from the art school, and, as a result, his notoriety and fame grew. Edmund no longer needed school. Edmund’s work was picked up by a famous west coast gallery. The exhibition went immediately on tour.

Inez Ramos heard of Edmund’s works, and attended the opening when it arrived in Portland. She had to see what all the fuss was about. The photographs awakened feelings in Inez which she hadn’t felt in a long while, and she thought were long dead. She sought out the artist-She had to have him.

Inez turned on the charm, but it was hardly necessary. Edmund was enchanted with the breathtaking beauty of Inez Ramos, and begged her to be permitted to photograph her almost as soon as the two were introduced. Inez replied, “only if the artist himself accompanied her in the shoot” Edmund blushed deeply considering what direction his recent work was going. Inez thought it adorable, and she hungered for him.

The exhibition went on without Edmund with the artist claiming he had hit upon an inspiration which demanded his entire attention. It wasn’t a lie. The two spent two months playing with each other until all Edmund could think about wasInez. He shot thousands of photos all of them full of beauty, darkness, and eroticism. Edmund had found his muse. The two mutually fed off of each other, mentally, emotionally, literally and figuratively. After a time, Inez revealed to Edmund what she was. Edmund was fascinated and begged her to Embrace him.

Inez continued to be a source of inspiration. He filmed and made a short erotic film of her feeding upon a vessel. Inez was delighted with the end result, along with the thousands of photographs he took of her in all sorts of poses, costumes, and attitudes. Edmund’s love for Inez grew. Unbeknownst to Edmund, during their “love making” she would bite her lip and feed him her vitae, while she took his. Edmund was completely lost in love with the gorgeous Inez Ramos, and said he wished to join her for all time in eternity. Inez suggested that he film the Embrace, and the transformation to show the beauty and eroticism of the experience. Edmund agreed.

So in 1988 Edmund was Embraced, and it was all captured on film. Edmund programmed multiple cameras to snap a photo every few seconds from multiple angles and views along with a movie camera, filming it from a wide angle.. The Embrace was gentle, erotic and, indeed, an artistic happening Inez has instructed Edmund carefully on how to be a vampire, more importantly a Toreador vampire. Inez favors Edmund among her two childer; though she adores them both. She taught both Edmund and Svetlana to be exceedingly proud of their clan and heritage.Inez blood bound Edmund while he was still a fledgling.

Edmund feeds from Inez’s extensive herd at her many strip clubs, lingerie modeling boutiques, and her stable of high-end call girls. Sometimes when the mood strikes, Edmund hunts on his own, but he can’t stand to be very far from Inez for long. Edmund also havens with Inez at Union Jacks-her premier strip club, but he also has a loft downtown with a darkroom where he brings photography subjects or feeding vessels, or both. This is where Edmund gets his work done.

Edmund’s influence is limited at present as he recently has been “released” from his sire. He has a small photography gallery in the slowly blooming Pearl District, and he is looking into investing in a boudoir photography studio. There’s also the fashion industry from which he has already made his mark, and could give him endless amounts of work.

His goals are to continue to work on his art and to finish what may be his masterpiece of his Embrace and the many portraits of Inez.

Image: Edmund is very handsome. Critics have speculated that it his looks which cause his models to respond the way they do to him, calling Edmund a modern version of Modigliani. Edmund has long dark hair, and luminous blue eyes. He is slender and well- proportioned. He dresses well favoring well-made expensive clothing, and the colors red and black. He has a couple of piercings his ears and a labret below his bottom lip.

Roleplaying: Edmund is a highly sexual being and comes off as flirtatious. He becomes easily obsessed with a recent project or a person. He cannot resist innocence and he wants to somehow capture it in film if not the innocent’s blood. His one enduring obsession, however, is Inez whom he is incredibly jealous, possessive, and territorial. Unknown to many he is also incredibly ambitious with both his art and status as a vampire both within his clan and without.

Edmund Blackavar

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