Belle Equitone

A Singer and Entertainer of The Setite Clan


Name: Belle Equitane
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Chameleon
Demeanor: Gallant
Concept: Prostitute/Torch Singer
Clan: Follower of Set
Apparent Age:26
Sire: Runi Hura

Apparent Age:23
Date of Birth:7.15.1964
Eyes: Blue
Race : Caucasian
Nationality: European( (Danish, Irish, German)
Sex: Varies



His father’s boot slammed into Johnny’s ribs. “Dressin up in girl’s clothes? No son of mine’ll be a goddamn faggot!!” This time the boot struck him in the shoulder. The shadow of his father’s beer gut moved away. Johnny lay in pain.

Too soon the heavy tread returned. Johnny looked up. His father now held a fireplace poker. This would not be an ordinary beating. Johnny lurched upright, gasping at the pain of his cracked ribs and bruises and ran. His father pursued, but his belly slowed him down." I’ll kill you!!" his father shouted after him. “I ever see you again I swear by Gawd and sonny Jesus, I’ll kill you!!”

A teenage boy alone-Johnny found, soon enough, that to make money he had to give his body to much older men. His pimp didn’t mind him dressing as a girl, though. Some customers liked that, sort of a two-in-one deal.

Eventually Johnny died. Belle, however, survived-both of her. Belle One accepted that she was a whore, though she hated the men who used her. Belle Two dreamed of a better life as a singer, a life of beauty and glamour and maybe even love. (The other selves had no names yet. They only howled in the dark.) Runi found Belle when she applied for a job at the Sphinx Club. He would not have given the young woman a job, except Fatima’s sharper eyes saw through Belle’s disguise. Intrigued she begged Runi to hire the drag queen. Belle became…an experiment.

Fatima and Runi delicately probed Belle’s psyche for months, discovering her multiple selves, before they introduced her to the worship of Set and made her a ghoul. They slowly put her mind back together, suturing her fragmented soul with the blood bond, and religious fervor. They found desire, rage, and deceit. They even called Johnny our of the darkness. At last Runi and Fatima judged that they had done all they could, and they welded Belles’ souls in the cold fire of the Embrace.

Belle no longer sees hirself as male or female. S/he is both, a Belle two-toned, confident of hir sexuality in either gender. S/he seduces men and women alike, as either man or woman hirself, counting coup with each heart captured and each mind blown. Hir greatest delight, however, comes when Runi bids hir to seduce some confident domineering man, to place him in a compromising position so that he may be blackmailed. After the others collect sufficient evidence and pictures, s/he reveals hir own masculine aspect…while grasping hir victim in a….ahem delicate spot and pulling out hir straight razor. Then s/he sweetly suggests the man beg for his continued manhood. Runi stops hir before s/he uses the razor-most of the time.

Belle has hir own network of informants. S/he combines hir abilities at impersonation and conversation with a sharp mind for detail and a wide network of contacts in the sex industry along with her contacts in the LGBQT community of Portland. Given time, Belle can uncover amazing amounts of information.

Image: Belle Equitone is very attractive as either a man or a woman. S/he has blonde hair curling to shoulder length and stands at medium height for a man somewhat tall for a woman. Belle has sufficient mastery of make-up, body language, couture and prosthetics that s/he can completely hide her masculinity if s/he wants. S/he dresses to suit hir purpose, anything from the latest men’s sports ware to a sultry torch singer’s gown.

Roleplaying: You do not exist: You live as a series of masks and mirrors, showing other people what they want to see. Play the dutiful childe to Runi Hura, the friendly sister to Fatima, the doting proud mother to Anando the slightly irritated brother to Jim Gander and treat Topcat like dirt. It’s what they expect. Try to impress everyone with your grace and charm, and win their hearts. True joy, however, comes when you reveal your multiplicity to a victim and he or she freaks out. Even their rage satisfies you; it proves your mastery.

Belle Equitone

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