Adric Thomas

Without Music Life is Sad


Name: Adric Thomas
Player: Axell
Chronicle: Portland by Night
Nature: Celebrant
Demeanor: Trickster
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: 8th


My earliest memories are of 2 things; my aunt and a violin. Pretty much as soon as I could hold a violin on my own my aunt had me learning to use it. I didn’t mind though because I loved it almost as much as I loved my aunt. She was my world and practicing every day on the violin made her supremely happy. Early on my life was very sheltered. I did not attend regular schools, my aunt had arranged private tutors for me, but her main focus was on me learning the violin, she did not let anything interfere with that.
It wasn’t until I was about 12 that I got to go anywhere other than a new teacher or doctor appointments. She had me preforming at private functions and as far as I know I never disappointed her at these. People would come to speak to me after my performances and ask various questions on a variety of subjects and after they would speak to my aunt. She always seemed to be the center of attention and was always being congratulated on my current level of performance and education.
After I turned 18 my aunt let me go out on my own and develop something of a life. She suggested that I enroll in college and explore the various music programs available. I of course did this and consistent with my musical talents I was not only top of my class I was as a freshman assigned and a student instructor. Auntie still had me performing at her private functions and though the venues kept getting progressively larger they were always to a packed house. Though I did notice that there was a core group of faces I would see at each one and it was these people’s opinions that were the most important to my aunt. That was my life until I was about 23 and this was when I met the man who would become my uncle.
I know it sounds weird saying that someone I never met before suddenly became my uncle but that is really sort of what happened. I was at one of auntie private functions when he introduced himself though I am even to this day not able to remember his name. He asked me who I was here with and I said my aunt and I pointed to her. For some reason this made him laugh. He chatted with me about my musical talents and wondered about my training regimes all in all it was a pleasant conversation.
Over the next few functions I would see him and he would chit chat with me and at the time I thought it was pretty benign. That was until Auntie noticed him. She seemed to be upset that he was talking to me and interrogated me on our conversations basically forbid me from talking to him. So that the next function I saw him at I let him know, politely that out of respect for my aunt I would not be conversing with him. He smiled and told me to call him Uncle and to meet him at his place of business the next night. For some reason I felt compelled to do just that.
Thus began a whole new education process. Uncle started out by telling me how much money my aunt was making off of my talents and I should try and take control of my finances. I told him that I got an allowance and he smiled in sympathy and said how cute. So he suggested I put some business courses in my college load and again I felt compelled to do so. It was strange at the time but for some reason I never told my aunt about these visits or suggestion from my uncle and no matter how I thought about not visiting him again I would find myself doing just that as if I wasn’t in control of my own actions just like calling him my uncle. I did actually began to enjoy the visits, it was a little rebellion I was engaging in and gave me a small sense of thrill from the danger of Auntie finding out.
Uncle began teaching me things that my aunt’s tutors and instructors had never even touched on and the new skills were fun and exciting. Though at the time one was strange and that was learning how to fight with a wooden stake. Uncle said it was really learning how to fight with a knife but using a safe medium for practice which at the time made some sort of sense, and so another year past.
It was on my 24th birthday that my Uncle introduced me to Maya. The most stunningly beautiful woman I had ever met. More to my surprise we hit it off she seemed genuinely interested in my Violin skills and musical talent and we agreed to see each other more. After a few months I introduced her to my aunt who at first seemed happy that I had found such an attractive girl to occupy my free time though she insisted I still practice and of course not forget about her when this pretty Maya girl batted her eyes at me. I assured her that could never happen and my life settled in to a whole new busy routine.
It was hard at first keeping up with my studies, my violin instruction and practice, My nights with my uncle and Maya and the seemingly by weekly recitals for my aunt, but I discovered that I could skimp on sleep more easily than others I know and not be tired so I settled into a routine that kept up until graduation.
I graduated with a Masters of the Arts degree in music specifically my violin and while neither my aunt nor uncle was able to attend the graduation Maya was there and we celebrated with our friends until Auntie called after nightfall and told me to come home. When we got there she had thrown me a graduation party where I had to preform of course and I noticed that it was full of the faces I had seen during the private functions and none of my friends except Maya of course.
Now that I had more free time, at least during the day time Maya and I became inseparable and this apparently began to upset my aunt. It was little things at first, like almost but not quite snide remarks about “that girl”. Auntie decided I needed to spend more on performing and began arranging shows at all the local venues, adding other musicians that I had to practice with and this did indeed cut into my time with Maya.
Maya herself began to complain about wanting more of my time and at one point made sure that my aunt over heard her complaining about my task master. After that my aunt refused to have Maya in her house and the snide remarks became more common and more biting. It got to the point where my aunt was tempted to forbid me to see her further however when she saw my reaction to that suggestion she relented and made me promise to devote my self to the Violin primarily, her second and Maya last, which I of course agreed to. I just could not say no to my aunt and Maya while unhappy about it all respected my decision.
Shortly after my 25th birthday Maya proposed marriage. It came a shock and while it made me happy I could not bring myself to answer right away. Maya of course was very unhappy about this and told me not to speak to her again until I could answer. It took me over a week to give an answer and the intervening time was torcher. I couldn’t very well talk to my aunt about it after seeing the smiles on her face when she caught on to Maya not being around. I did in the end answer yes to Maya and it was literally the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Mainly because I knew that Auntie would seriously disapprove of the whole thing, which is why I told Maya that we had to get married immediately because I knew if I had to wait my regard for my aunt would win out and I would not go through with the marriage.
So a couple of days later Maya and I were married. Of course I insisted that we tell my aunt right after so when she called later that night Maya and I went to her and told her. In my wildest imagination I could not have predicted her reaction to this. A vicious growl escaped her throat and she went wild smashing furniture and then she went after Maya. Luckily for us the house servants came into the room and tackled Auntie and this aroused a protective instinct in me and I started to grab at one of the servants. He turned on me and slapped me across the face harder than I could have imagined and he grabbed me back to steady me and was yelling for me to grab Maya and run. It was Maya that took that initiative and dragged me out of the house.
In my stunned state I was not quite certain where I was going. Maya manage to drag me to her car and when my head started to clear we were pulling up to Uncle’s place. By the time I was in Uncle’s house I was ready to run back to Auntie’s and Uncle stopped me and told me to calm down and tell him what was going on, I immediately spit the story out and to my surprise Uncle laughed hard. Indignantly I told him this was not a funny situation. He recovered and said that I was mistaken with a smile and before I could say anything further he turned to Maya and told her to sleep and amazingly she did just that instantly lightly falling to the floor. Before I could go to her Uncle turned back to me and told me to not move and stay silent and suddenly I could speak or move.
Uncle then told that he and Auntie were vampires and I had been caught between them in a long game as a pawn and he had just won this round. Next thing I knew he was at my throat draining my blood and I sank into unconsciousness . When I came around again Uncle said he had made me into a vampire as well. This was my introduction into the world of night. I stayed with uncle for 3 months learning the basics of being Kindred and after the summons presumably from Auntie stopped he gave me tickets for Maya and myself to fly to Portland. Telling me to make my way having setup a minor investment portfolio. So here we are having just landed in Portland Oregon wondering what to do next.

Adric Thomas

Portland By Night 1991 Axell