Viktor Graysin

Director of the Oregon Ballet Theatre who Demands Nothing Less than Perfection


Name: Viktor Greysin
Player: NPC
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Competitor
Concept: Ballet Dance Master
Clan: Toreador
Sire: Elsa Linden

Apparent Age:31
Date of Birth:5th December 1890
RiP: May 1921
Hair Blonde
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Multi Danish, English, French
Weight: 165
Sex: Male


Viktor Greysin was born in 1890 to a privileged east coast textile family who were quite wealthy. Viktor wanted for nothing growing up, and being that his father was a bit of an anglophile, Viktor was sent to Eaton school where he received the very best English education.

He attended his first ballet in Paris during a school break in 1910. He fell in love with the beauty, and pageantry of it. He did not return to London. Instead he tried out for the Paris Dance Company. He discovered that he was a natural at ballet, but not good enough to dance in the premieres, and began as an auxiliary dancer. Viktor received intensive training, but world war I broke out which ended his time in Paris. He returned to Boston, and joined the Boston Ballet Company where he began to the lead and solo positions in many of the ballets. After a couple of years, he became a well-known dancer, he was both graceful and powerful and known for his striving for absolute perfection..

In 1921 he received a strange request from Provincetown on Cape Cod-a command performance to create a dance and to dance the piece by the mysterious Roger Drake. He arrived in the very exclusive artist colony at Provincetown, and was given a tour by one of Elsa’s ghouls. The ghoul informed Viktor that he would hear the Drake piece played in the evening. That evening Viktor arrived at the well-appointed studio where he heard the piece played by a hauntingly beautiful pianist. She was tall, slender and blonde with a very attractive figure. Viktor could not decide whether he was inspired by the music or Elsa Linden.

He had many dancers at his disposal to direct at the colony-all of them company quality. Viktor began to create a dance around the music. He thought it strange that the practices took place at night, but Drake was rich and could demand the unusual. Viktor thought no more about the matter. It was his first foray into choreography. Elsa attended every lesson intently observing the rehearsals, and she played the piece such ease, and able to improvise variations on the theme that Viktor began to suspect that she was the composer.

Viktor’s dance was absolutely brilliant, and was the talk of all the Toreador in Province Town and, indeed, the entire eastern seaboard. Elsa Linden along with other Toreador found themselves entranced at the beauty of the ballet. It was at this time that Elsa Linden decided that such a talent should never grow old and fade She revealed her true nature to Viktor and ghouled him first. He became completely devoted to Elsa, and the two fed off of each other literally and figuratively-She composing pieces for ballets and Viktor translating the music to the motion of his ballet. They astounded audiences for several years and Elsa Linden’s prestige in her clan grew due to Viktor’s performances. She Embraced him in 1924. Viktor was 34 years old. The two collaborated for over 30 years until Elsa grew weary and fell into a torpor.

Once Viktor along with Elsa’s brood made Elsa safe and secured the artist’s colony and the administering of it for her long sleep, Viktor made his way to Portland to take over the directorship of Ballet Oregon. He was about to take over the Pacific Ballet Company with which Ballet Oregon was in competition. Then He received word that there was a new rising star at Province Town-Alaina. He received word about her from one of his brood mates and insisted that he must see her perform in person . Alina exceeded expectations. He saw first hand her immense natural talent, her serene beauty and smooth gracefulness with an expression heretofore never experienced before by Viktor. He decided that he must have her and offered her the prestigious position of soloist Like his Sire before him he ghouled her. Shortly afterward in 1989 Ballet Oregon and Pacific Ballet company merged. The now large company doubled its repertoire and Viktor Embraced Alaina, so as to work with her at night, and make his vision of perfection a reality.

Roleplaying: Viktor is a harsh task master, and expects the same drive for mastery and perfection from everyone which he also demands from himself. He has a kubrikian need for doing something over and over until it is just right. He often strikes fear in the dancers of his company when he makes an impromptu visit to their evening rehearsals. He is rather impatient with incompetence and he is not afraid to tell you bluntly and succinctly. His critiques can be downright caustic. He is also territorial -2 with his dance studio and dancers. He will address Kindred who tread on his territory verbally or physically if he loses control, or through political channels. As in his art, there is how things ought to be versus how they actually are…..Viktor can come off as snobbish and elitist which has not endeared him to the hedonist branch of his clan.

Politics As Primogen of the Toreador Viktor Greysin is conservative, and generally agrees with the prince in regards to rigorous adherence to the masquerade. Those who are careless with it deserve everything they get. He would only find himself in conflict with the prince if he began to dictate what goes on within individual domains, despite the theory (to which Hagen subscribes) that the Prince owns All the domains. He finds Hagen’s propensity for prejudice against certain clans bigoted and short sighted. He also resents Hagen’s victimization of certain kindred based solely on the clan.

Image:Viktor Greysin stands 6’1" tall. He is lean, but very muscular due to his many years of dancing. He is very attractive and often mistaken for gay. He is blonde with green eyes, and clean shaven. He believes in the saying that the clothes make the man, so when out side the studio, he is impeccably dressed in expensive clothes.



Viktor Graysin

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