Tammy Reese

She Once Rejected Corey. Now She Has no Choice, But to Listen


Name: Tamara Reese
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept: Slutty Street Urchin
Sex: Female
Resident 729 Burnside now the Rail yard



Tammy Reese is quite good looking though living on the streets and the drugs she did has given her a bit of a hard edge which detracts somewhat from her good looks. About two years ago she was hanging with the hicks until she got knocked up. Social services helped her get off the mean streets.

As a child she had been sexually abused by her daddy, her brother, her brother’s friends, the babysitter etc. As a result she became highly sexualized, and learned to use her sexuality to get what she wants and needs.

She rejected Corey, however, no matter what sort of drugs he offered her, or the promise of a dry room. Tammy thought he was a creep. She loved to show him that she would bed down any guy, but him.

At present, Tammy lives in a cheap apartment with her one year old infant named Tiffany. She is unsure who the dad is.

Image: Tamara is young in her early 20’s and stands 5’ 1" with poorly dyed brown-blonde hair. She is slender and sexy despite having a baby. She wears tight clothes to reveal her body to good effect.

Roleplaying You use your feminine whiles to get what you want. You are still a new mother, but you are coming to realize that a baby is really going to cramp your style, and you are just beginning to resent it.

Tammy Reese

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