Samara Carson

Larry Black's Paramour and Newest Childe


Name: Samara Carson
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Concept: Nightclub Owner
Clan: Brujah
Sire: Larry Black


Samara Carson was born in Portland to hippie parents disenchanted with the hippie scene in San Francisco which took a decided decline after the Summer of Love in 1967. The Carsons moved up to Oregon, and lived on a commune near the coast, but that too descended into utter bullshit. By 1971 the Carsons moved to Portland. Layla, Samara’s mother, was pregnant with Samara-She was born March 4th 1972. It was time for the Carsons to grow up.

Samara had a fairly normal childhood, even if her mother and father were a bit more liberal and easy-going than most. They continued to smoke marijuana and use other drugs, but the two were able to hold down jobs and give Samara a solid middle class upbringing..

When Samara reached high school, she was nothing like what her parents were, and indeed, her parents were no longer what they were-They had become young urban professionals aka Yuppies, and encouraged Samara’s interest in business. Samara joined the Youth Business Corps as a senior and learned how businesses worked, at least in theory. In the meantime. her father had created his environmental consulting company which was beginning to make some money. It was mostly a front, however. Her dad got into selling cocaine as a short-cut to wealth. Ironically her father’s business would be enormously profitable by the mid nineties, even more so that the cocaine he was peddling.

Samara as a teen, and now an adult had gotten into Death Rock. She frequented the Paris Theatre. A new genre was emerging, derived from the nihilism of Death Rock-Gothic music. Samara became a devoted fan of the music and the lifestyle. As a graduation present and a venue from which to sell his product and launder his profits, her father bought The Paris Theatre and gave over the management and day to day operations to Samara. Samara redecorated the club and gave it a spooky and macabre ambience and began booking dark musical acts.

A new subculture was burgeoning within some of the clubs of Portland, and elsewhere in the US-The Blood Dolls. From all reports it began in Chicago’s Succubus Club. The Blood Dolls fancied themselves vampires in their own right and shared blood among themselves and with true vampires, masquerading as Blood Dolls. When the Vampires were discovered they would more often than not take control and form a cult around themselves promising to Embrace the cultists into dark immortality if they maintain their secret. Samara flirted with the subculture believing it was erotic and sort of kinky to share blood. Naturally Larry and Lisa became regulars of the club.

Larry fell in love with Samara at first sight and the feeling was mutual for Samara. Lisa became extremely uncomfortable as the two couldn’t help but gaze deeply into each others eyes. Lisa Stevens left overwhelmed with jealousy. That night when Larry and Samara were alone, Larry revealed what he was. Samara could not believe it until Larry fed from her, showing her his fangs. The feeding gave her exquisite pleasure….Perhaps it was an impulsive decision on both their parts, but Samara knew Larry was the “one” and beggedLarry to make her a vampire also so that they would spend eternity together.

Since Larry Embraced Samara he has spen all his time with her, helping her with the change. Larry completely ignored his first childe Lisa who was bound to Larry became both extremely angry and extremely jealous. Lisa went to the Prince Hagen and told of the illegal Embrace. At the next conclave both Larry and Samara were dragged into Elysium by Hagen and his minions, and the Prince was about to administer the ultimate justice to both of them as the Traditions dictate, but at the last moment, Larry spoke up and reminded Hagen of the boon that was owed to him.

The humiliation of Hagen did not go over too well, but the two were spared Final Death. From that time to the present both Larry and Samara have been Vampirae non gratae, despite the fact that that Larry is primogen of the clan.

It’s fortunate that Samara has the blush of health- she is still in contact with her parents who hardly approve of Larry and their nocturnal lifestyle. Samara’s dad still uses the club to launder money. In the last year, Layla divorced Smara’s father Jerry, so not a whole lot of attention has been paid to Samara.

Both Samara and Larry haven in a walk-in closet pantry in the basement of the club. They have a mattress on the floor which they share. Both feed from the increasing mumber of Blood Dolls who frequent the Paris Theatre. Samara’s goals are nebulous at the moment. She is still learning what this vampire thing is all about. She trusts Larry to teach her what she needs to know.

Appearance: Samara is a charismatic beauty. She has long dark hair which falls to her mid-back. She stands 5’6" tall with perfect upturned breasts and bright blue eyes with impossibly long dark eyelashes. Dimples which can only be described as adorable appear on her face when she smiles. People generally take notice when she enters a room. She is also blessed with nice legs which she shows off to good effect by wearing short skirts. She generally wears black lacey Victorian clothing, but she is also known to wear school girl skirts with her hair in pigtails or tight black jeans and 10 eye Doc Maartens.

Roleplaying Hints: Samara revels in her new undead powers and knows she is hot. With males she is mercilessly flirtatious and with females she feels in competition. The Paris Theatre is her domain, and her word is law. She has one ghoul-unauthorized named Reaper who watches over the door and Samara’s back. Reaper is hopelessly in love with her. Samara is contemptuous of the Tremere Prince and his authoritarian rule. She makes no secret of her anarch sympathies, despite Larry’s warnings. As far as Lisa goes she can go fuck herself. It’s not her problem if Larry finds her infinitely more attractive and interesting than Lisa!

Influence: Samara’s influence doesn’t go much beyond The Paris Theatre, but it is perhaps the most popular Nightclub downtown which gives her along with Larry some prestige. It’s popular with both punks and goths plus other cub-goers who like to club on the wild side.

Samara Carson

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