Nosferatu Primogen


Olaf employing the Mask of a Thousand Faces

Name: Olaf
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland, 1991
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Architect
Concept: Nosferatu Primogen
Clan: Nosferatu
Generation: 7th
Sire: Khalid

Age: circa 581
Apparent Age: Difficult to say and depending on his mask
RIP: Circa 1410
Hair: None
Eyes: Grey
Race; Semitic
Nationality: Middle Eastern
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 165 lbs
Sex Male


Olaf does not speak much of his history, but his recollections of his conversations with Beatrice date back to the battle of Tannenburg in 1410, and his references to his youth at this time point to his Becoming not long after that. He claims not to know his sire, but if the truth is investigated at any length, he is one of the many childer of Khalid from Chicago via Turkey.

Olaf was the reclusive scholar who pulled Khalid from the burning rays of the desert and saved him, nursing him back to health, and educating Khalid in the ways of the Kabala, and other esoteric subjects. As mortals Khalid and Olaf would have been dire enemies, but Olaf’s rescue of Khalid; the two became fast friends. But the Khalid still a neonate at the time, fell into a sanguinary frenzy, and killed his friend by draining him dry. Out of remorse he fed back a little of his blood back to Olaf, Embracing him. The role of teacher and student became reversed. The two travelled through Europe and the Middle East. Olaf picked up his name in Northern Europe. The two eventually made their way to the New World. Khalid settled in Chicago and Olaf himself remained there for over three decades with his sire. Khalid reluctantly acknowledged that he owed Olaf a life boon, before Olaf departed Chicago.

Olaf is well known among the kindred of North America at least the Nosferatu. During the beginning of the 20th century he slowly moved from city to city on what he called a simple search for existence, and settled in Portland just before World War I. Olaf is searching for Golconda, and has come a long way. Both he and Beatrice compare notes, and discuss it together from time to time. Olaf’s salon is located at Powell’s book room. Olaf will guide those whom he considers to have the maturity and the depth of character to reach Golconda, and may eventually give them directions on how to reach one of the Inconnu who can take them through the Suspire ritual.

Olaf is a scholar and enjoys knowledge for its own sake. He is quietly inquisitive of others. He has the reputation of of being at the head of Prince Hagen’s secret police. He is supportive and protective of his fellow Nosferatu, and is somewhat a father figure among them.

Appearance: Olaf is tall with an average build for his height He has a wide face with deep set grey eyes. His eyes are the only part of him that is vaguely attractive; otherwise, he a hideous creature with coarse crinkled skin, a twisted contorted face, and only a few tufts of hair remaining. He is an exquisite example of a Nosferatu.

Mask: Olaf usually adopts the mask of a non-descript individual, dressed in an expensive suit. The mask is rather stone-faced and looks remarkably like Alexander Putin.

Roleplaying: You are very quiet-extremely watchful. You react to things that happen in a very understated way. You never betray much emotion and you appreciate others for their intellect, and perceptiveness not so much for their appearance or status.


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