Marcel Constantine

Exploreer of the Other Denziens of the Night-Childe of Matt Danley


Name: Marcel Constantine
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Explorer
Demeanor: Gallant
Concept: Occult Writer
Clan: Tremere
Sire: Matthew Danley

Apparent Age:31
Date of Birth: March 8th 1954
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: European
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 169
Sex: Male




Expression:4 (Writing)


Linguistics: French, German, Latin

Path of Blood:1




Merits: +2 Medium
Flaws: -4 Enemy,-3 Haunted

Clan Weakness: One step Bound to Clan Tremere


Marcel Constantine was born March 8th 1954 which makes him 37 years old,but he looks to be in his late 20’s.He was embraced in 1985 at the age of 31 and has been a vampire for six years.
Marcel was an only child who was very sensitive and imaginative.He had imaginary friends, and claimed that he spoke to faeries, goblins,trolls, and pooka and visited castles and magical lands.He also claimed to be able to see and speak with dead people (Medium +2) After some harrowing incidents in and around the house,one day his mother heard Marcel conversing to someone and when his mother entered his room a window shattered,but he was alone and very angry with his mother who frightened a ghost of a little girl whom he had been speaking,and had once lived in the house.
At the age of 7 Marcel wandered off and was found two days later in the woods well fed with a garland of oak leaves about his head.His only explanation he gave to his worried parents was that he attended a feast of Beltaine with the Sidhe.Naturally the parents were concerned and subjected Marcel to a battery of psychiatrists and psychologists who in turn subjected him to a wide array of tests-If it weren’t for a certain ghost of a psychiatrist who instructed Marcelon how tp answer the questions,Marcel might have been diagnosed with psychosis…..Instead thanks to his “spirit guide” he was simply deemed a child with an overactive imagination.
In highschool he excelled in English,Literature, creative writing and languages.At the university he majored in Comparative Literature and languages Latin ,Spanish,German and French (3 dots in Linguistics) and earned a B.A..While at school on the east coast he also studied many classical magickal texts from Aleister Crowley to Hermes Trimagestius to the Enochian works of John Dee along with many other grimoires both ancient and contemporary.He began to experiment with ceremonial magick and summoning..
He began to work magick with an O.T.O. lodge and due to his extensive knowledge and natural talent,he began to quickly climb the ranks of the chapter.He began to publish articles-excerpts from his magickal diaries which described his magickal workings and theories,which garnered him some fame and status in his cabla.His superiors worried that he would reveal lodge secrets.He also at this time garnered the attention of the Tremere who had been watching the progress of his career since he began to publish.
It was at this point that he made a critical error in a summoning spell which allowed an evil spirit to attatch itself to Marcel,or perhaps it was sent by a lodge enemy-It is unclear,but it haunts him still.He has used his mediumship to try and communicate so he may lay the spirit to rest,but all attempts thus far have failed. (Haunted -3)
Perhaps due to the evil spirit or simple jealousy and envy the chieftain of the magickal lodge with which he had been working, began to feel threatened by Marcel.Also an adept fell in love with him whom the lodge chieftain -4 Enemy) had more than a spiritual interest in himself,ultimately caused a faction to occur within the lodge.Half the members were with Marcel,the other half remained with the chieftain.A magickal war broke out and there were casualties on both sides-suicides,insanity,not to mention murder and mayhem.
The Tremere intervened at this point and embraced Marcel and recieved their protection.The Tremere initiated him into Blood Magick at the Boston Chantry and he underwent rigorous training and instruction of the Tremere way.He and his sire Matthew Danley were later trensferred with Bethany (1 dot Retainer) who also has potential in Tremere eyes and the remaining 3 members of the lodge who sided with him during the war ( 1 dot Herd) were transferred as well to Portlnd Oregon where Marcel continued and refined his education in Tremere Blood Magick.It was thoiught by the Tremere that the best way to preserve the Maquerade, and conceal for a time, Marcel from his enemy was to move Marcel.While residing in Boston he recieved his MFA in Creative Writing.Naturally he attended night school and independent study.(3 dots in Academics)
The embrace changed Marcel by making it impossible for him to see and talk with the Fae as he once did.He deeply regrets the loss,but the embrace opened up an entire new realm of Magick for him.-One that has actual results instead of vague theories.He has seen and experienced wht the Tremere can do with blood and he is fiercely loyal to his clan.
He continues to research on how to reconnect with the Fae,and he is beginning to come to conclusions.He is also fascinated by the power of blood and is studying alchemy and exploring wether it is possible to distill certain bloods to create potions.He would like to study LUpine blood to make a strength/celerity potions without the side effects of frenzy……or certain clans bloods giving clan powers etc..
His sire encourages his initiative to a point so long as no clan secrets are revealed or the Masquerade remains unbroken.

Marcel’s haven is located in a windowless room off the basement of 729 E.Burnside.He owns an apartment building and part of his income is from rent he successfully collects on.He is also a freelance writer of articles,short stories,poetry and novels. (3 dots in Expression) At this point he is relatively unknown as a writer.
His only connection to his mortal life are his aging parents who still live on the east coast.It has been a long while since he has seen them,but he calls them once a month and they call him from time to time.
His habitual feeding grounds are night clubs and/or music venues.He prefers seduction to kidnapping or assault.He does utilizes his herd when he is in the depths of his studies or experiments in which case he calls on his cell phone and they come to him. He is not above feeding on pesky tenants especially the ones who complain too much.
Marcel has many motivations.One is to obtain revenge upon the O.T.O. lodge and the chieftain (-2 vengence) and enemy -4) and to reconnect with the fae,but these come secondary to his ambition to gain rank and status in the Tremere clan.He wants to work his way up and prove himself to his superiors and is willing to accept any and all assignments.
Marcel is eager to prove his investigative skills and gain status in his clan.On a side note he is also eager to collect werewolf blood samples for futher analyses and experiments.

Marcel Constantine

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