Lisa Stevens

A Brujah Who Works With Hagen-A Narc


Name: Lisa Stevens
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Architect
Demeanor: Child
Concept: Narc
Clan: Brujah
Sire: Larry Black

Apparent Age: Late Teens
Date of Birth: 10.12.1968
Hair: White Mohawk (Dyed)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Mixed European
Sex: Female


Lisa Stevens was born in 1968 in Newport Oregon. Her father was in an outlaw motorcycle club known as the Gypsy Jokers-a notorious biker gang who took on the Hell’s Angels, and managed to eke out the territory of Oregon from them. Her mother was her dad’s old lady. Lisa’s earliest years were spent constantly on the move from town to town up and down the Oregon coast. By the time Lisa was five years old, they settled In Coos Bay, Oregon where their club house and chapter were established. Lisa grew up around some colorful characters, and she was sort of a mascot for the motorcycle club.

Lisa’s dad was in and out of prison for a myriad of criminal acts throughout most of Lisa’s childhood. Lisa went to school. but was an indifferent student. In high school she wanted to stand out as most teenagers do. She watched the news reports on television of bands creating quite a stir: The Ramones. D.O.A., S.O. D., the Sex Pistols etc. At that time many young people were picking up musical instruments and screaming out their rage to any who would listen. It was not only the music but a lifestyle. Lisa had become a devoted follower, and began to emulate the style shaving her head into a Mohawk and then came the tattoos. None of this phased her parents, but it had quite an effect on her teachers and fellow students of the tiny town of Coos Bay.

Every so often a punk show would play on the coast, Eugene of Portland, and Lisa would go see it. She was in Newport when she met Larry Black. The year was 1986. Lisa was 18. Lisa could not help noticing thatLarry was staring at her along with this grizzled looking guy which reminded her of a biker. As it turns out both had motorcycles….Larry offered to buy her a drink.

Larry turned on the charm, and plied Lisa with drinks. Lisa, for her part, was gratified that the tough punk rocker took notice of her. She felt something dangerous and exciting in him. She said yes when he asked her to come with him to be alone. Larry made it clear that he liked her, and began kissing her. Lisa felt that there was something not quite right about him, but she pushed the thought aside as she felt that she was falling for him. He took her further, and asked her if she would be with him that night. Again she said yes.

Later that night in an anonymous flea bag motel off of North Interstate, Larry’s kiss filled her with ecstasy until everything faded to blackness and cold. When she awoke again as vitae splattered and ran down her throat, the first light of dawn were just beginning to illuminate the curtains. Larry shoved his wrist to her mouth and again she was transported in ecstasy as a warmth came over her. A minute seemed like an hour as she slowly drew in Larry’s vitae. She couldn’t believe that this was happening. As the sun rose over the horizon weariness overtook them both, and they stumbled into the windowless motel bathroom.

For Lisa the shock of the Embrace has lasted until just recently. Lisa was torn from her family and home. She was not ready to leave; she was not ready to die. Lisa had just graduated high school. She wondered what she would tell her mom and dad? her friends? She decided to disappear. The next evening Larry fed her more of his vitae, reinforcing his bond over her. They spent time on the road with Smiling Jack. At first Lisa was horrified that she had to drink blood in order to survive and could not bring her self to hunt. She was dependent on Larry and Smiling Jack to bring her prey. Eventually Lisa learned to hunt on her own only after Larry ridiculed her and drover her through insults, outright abuse and hunger after Larry refused to bring her blood any longer. Lisa because of the blood bond still loved him despite the abuse.

After a year on the road, Larry and Lisa arrived in Portland. By this time Lisa was able to hunt on her own, and knew the basics of kindred survival. Smiling Jack left them leaving two choices-whether to become Anarchs, or follow the Camarilla. Lisa knew nothing about the Camarilla, but it seemed much better than the aimless existence thy had been living.

In Portland, Lisa and Larry were either squatting in abandoned buildings staying in cheap hotels or motels. On the Eastside at the Riverfront Hotel they ran into the domain of Giovanni Rinella-a Sabbat Lasombra. His ghouls came upon Lisa and Larry and gave them a beat down just before the sun had set for the evening and the two hadn’t awakened yet. The ghouls warned them that they were trespassing on their domitor’s territory. Later when they had healed and fed, they hunted down the ghouls and crippled them. Larry was ready to meet Giovanni Rinella also. He used Lisa as bait and lured Giovanni to a hotel from which Larry was watching and waiting. Larry had prepared a Molotov cocktail, and threw it down on to Giovanni Rinella. It was a direct hit.

It was a few moths later whenPedro found them, and brought Lisa and Larry before Prince Hagen. Much ado was made about the destruction of Giovanni Rinella, and they were welcomed into kindred society. In fact Larry was made an assistant sheriff or deputy.

It was almost a year later that Larry fell in love with Samara Carson. Thereafter Lisa was neglected and left alone most nights. She wanted to forget about Larry and move on with her existence, but, unfortunately, the blood bond held her fast to him, she continued to think obsessively about him. When she discovered that Larry had Embraced Samara, she was so angry and jealous that she reported Larry to the prince. Larry had also been causing trouble. It was rumored that he was forming a gang of other malcontents against the prince. Hagen decided to take action against him and his new childe Samara in order to set an example.Hagen for got about the boon he had given toLarry in the jubilance of the report that Giovanni Rinella was destroyed. Larry brought it to his attention, hence nullifying the execution of Samara and Larry. Hagen was humiliated.

In retaliation, Hagen stripped Larry’s status as deputy, and put extra eyes on him, waiting for the moment he would catch him in some breach of the traditions. In the meantime, Hagen awarded Lisa domain over a small market research company-Bardsley & Niedhart where she acts as its executive director, using the company for both resources and a herd of unambitious youths. Hagen has also made Lisa a junior Harpy under the apprenticeship of Inez Ramos and Matt Danley. Lisa is only too glad to be part of something and have a steady in-flow of capital and blood. She looks up to Inez and Matt Danley. Hagen is happy that each Harpy has been dominated to report to Hagen if any of them step out of line or are conspiring against him. He has also dominated Lisa to report on the doings of her hated sire, Larry Black.

Roleplaying You really just want to be liked and accepted. Larry’s romance with the beautiful Samara Carson has effected your self-esteem. You are still very young in mortal years and even more so as a vampire, but since getting apprenticed your self-confidence is slowly building. You despise both Larry and Samara and take every opportunity to bad mouth them; though you still feel somewhat guilty for doing so.

Appearance:Lisa was unfortunately Embraced when she had a Mohawk which doesn’t leave a lot of hair to work with. She manages to style it to look more professional. Lisa has cleaned up her act. She no longer wears leather miniskirts and torn up stockings. Instead she wears the latest designer fashions and business attire. She has turned in her motorcycle for a slightly used Volvo. Lis is tall 5’9" and very skinny with a cup breasts. At times she can seem gawky.

Lisa Stevens

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