Larry Black

Rebel Primogen of te Brujah Clan and Often a THorn in Hagen's Side


Name: Larry Black
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night 1991
Nature: Avant-Garde
Demeanor: Rebel
Concept: Brujah Pimogen and Anarch
Clan: Brujah
Generation: 11th
Sire: Smiling Jack

Apparent Age:20
Date of Birth:2.12.1958
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race Caucasian
Nationality: Irish/Native
Height: 6’1"
Sex: Male


Larry Black was born in a small town in Idaho. His family was very religious. As a child, Larry was easily distracted and excitable, and it was noticed early on that he had difficulty sitting down and concentrating. As a result, Larry did not perform well in school. His parents sent him to a private Christian school. The results were disastrous. He was not able to meet expectations of the school- both behaviorally and academically. It wasn’t because he was stupid-quite the contrary, but he couldn’t learn in a very traditional setting. This in turn, caused Larry to get frustrated then angry; his only release was music.

Larry discovered the first wave of British punk. He ran away from school and saw the Sex Pistols in their disastrous show at San Antonio Texas. He then followed them to Los Angeles which turned out to be their last show. Larry was nevertheless hooked. More bands came along from the UK then the states. Not only was it a new form of rock and roll, but also a lifestyle-one that the Brujah flocked to. Smiling Jack saw Larry at a show slam dancing, and he was hungry, so he cornered Larry and drank him dry in a sanguinary frenzy. He Embraced Larry by giving him back some of the blood and set Larry loose. Larry frenzied in the crowd and drank two people dry killing them. This was an unacceptable masquerade breach even in the heart of Anarch territory. Fortunately the club was dark, but it was necessary to for them to get out of LA. The two made their way up to San Francisco for a while, meeting other Brujah and Anarchs along the way.

On the coast, Newport Oregon, Larry met Lisa Stevens, and the two hit it off. For one thing, she was the only punk rock girl in Newport. Smiling Jack told Larry that he should Embrace her if he wanted to keep her, so Larry impulsively Embraced her. It was not a good thing for her, and she blamed Larry for tearing her away from the coast and her family into an unstable and unknown existence.

Smiling Jack deposited Larry and LisaLisa Stevens in Portland, telling them what they must do if they wish to follow the Camarilla traditions, or they could choose to be truly free and establish their own domain, and challenge the Prince. Smiling Jack was hoping they would choose the latter. Larry was an Anarch, and the latter was Larry’s intention, but it didn’t pan out that way. Before Larry and Lisa were sble either to present or to challenge Prince Hagen, they ran into a Sabbat vampire, and destroyed him when Larry and Lisa trespassed on the Lasombra’s domain on the east waterfront.

Both Larry and Lisa were welcomed into Portland when Prince Hagen received word of the exploit. The Prince magnanimously granted the two domain, but also proclaimed that the two were owed a boon, especially Larry for it was he who threw the moltov cocktail which destroyed the Lasombra. Not only was Larry granted domain, but he inherited the Lasombra’s east side gutter punk gang with the caveat Larry would control them and work with the Prince.

So Larry and Lisa were accepted by accident into the city of Portland. Larry was made assistant sheriff to Pedro. Meanwhile, Lisa struggled with her vampiric existence, and built up no small amount of resentment toward Larry. She missed her mortal life and family. She both loved and hated Larry, for in her fledglinghood Larry had partially blood bonded her. She despised him, but at the same time, couldn’t wait to be.with him. She was confused.

In 1988, Larry met Samara Carson at the Paris Theatre-a club the young woman attended regularly.. Larry fell in love at first sight. Larry Embraced Samara and Larry stuck close to her. They became paramours, neglecting his first troubled childe, Lisa Stevens. She was jealous and wanted to kill them both, but instead came up with a devious plan to destroy them. She went to the Prince and reported the unauthorized Embrace.

And so Larry was brought up before the Prince, and his court to face judgment. He had broken the Third Tradition: Thou shalt not create Progeny except by leave of they Prince. As Hagen was about to behead Larry Black, and call a blood hunt on Samara Carson, Larry reminded Hagen of the boon owed him in front of the entire court, humiliating Hagen. Prince Hagen was forced to acknowledge the boon and recognized Larry’s right of progeny with these words:

-Be wary young Brujah. Thou hast escaped justice this night. Know that I am exceedingly wroth, and if thou strayest one hair from the traditions hereafter thy head and the head of thy childe is mine! Our boon is hereby fulfilled."_

He dropped his sword and departed Elysium. Since that time the relationship with Larry Black has been strained. The Prince has used his authority to crack down unfairly on Larry’s domain, limited his feeding grounds, and denying him the ability to make ghouls, or expand his influence any further.

For Larry’s part, he has not completely obeyed the Prince, and has created some ghouls from the gang and the Paris Theatre as has Samara. He is playing a dangerous game. He is more obeying the dictates of his blood and becoming more the defiant Anarch. He has even begun to reach out to others who have been mistreated or disenfranchised by the Prince.

Meanwhile Lisa Stevens has received both domain and status from the Prince and has been given orders to report any malfeasance from Larry or Samara. Lisa is happy to comply.

Image: Larry wears a well-worn studded leather jacket and equally well-worn leather pants. He either sports a Mohawk or shaves his head completely bald, and wears 16 eye Doc Maartens. He is slender, but tough looking.

Roleplaying: “Fuck the Prince and his rules! Why does he get to make the rules anyway?” Larry has had enough, and he likes to shoot his mouth off about it. He wants to overthrow Hagen, but he knows he doesn’t have the means or the numbers to pull it off alone. He approaches others who may be sympathetic to his cause and is insulting and contemptuous of those who follow the party line.

Larry Black

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