Kyle Biers


Name: Kyle Biers
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Conformist
Demeanor: Martyr
Sex: Male
Residence: Anywhere-Hangs out at Skidmore


Kyle Biers is about 20 and Daryl’s toady. He furiously agrees with everything Daryl says and does, and because he is buds with Daryl people generally leave him alone. He helped Daryl beat up Corey, and kicked him when he was down with his steel-toed boots which broke Corey’s ribs, puncturing his lung and causing internal bleeding, in effect killing him

. Kyle will most likely rememberCorey and the weird bag lady who scared them off. He also remembers the resounding crack and the give of Corey’s chest when he kicked. He felt a bit bad about that.

Image: Kyle has long greasy hair and a couple of missing front teeth. Like his leader and hero he sports a mullet, and usually wears the obligatory reversed baseball cap. He also has a cheezy peach fuzz moustache.

Roleplay: Daryl is the leader, so you have to have his back. If you were being messed with, Daryl would have my back, right? You are a bit smarter than Daryl; though you don’t realize it. You’re good at scrounging and finding squats or abandoned building for the gang to stay.

Kyle Biers

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