Elder Tremere and the Undisputed Prince of Portland


Name: Hagen
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland !991
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Bravo
Concept: Tremere Elder Prince
Sire: Meerlinda
Title Ponifex of the West and Prince of Portland

Apparent Age:33
Date of Birth: 10-28-1070
RIP: 1103
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race Caucasian
Nationality: Prussian
Sex: Male


Hagen whose true name is Abetorius is a childe of Meerlinda. He was Embraced in 1103 at the age of 33, which makes the year of his birth roughly 1070.

Hagen’s early life is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. It is rumored that he is the childe of the inner council member Meerlinda who currently rules over Clan Tremere in Great Britan, and the eastern United States and Canada. Abetorius , it is said, was a promising apprentice of the Order of Hermes-House Tremere, and was Embraced shortly after the diablerization of Salulot. Abetorius spent many years serving his masters in the Carpathians, and then later in Vienna.

Hagen or Abetorius was first sent to Constantinople by none other than Tremere himself. Upon arriving in Constantinople he received the patronage of the Michealite Toreadors. Micheal’s childe Pakourianis “The Dove” was fascinated by Hagen’s gargoyle slaves and his othercreations. He helped Abetorius or Hagen find subjects for his experiments. For this reason, Hagen gets on with the Toreador clan better than other clans due to the help and patronage he received in the Middle Ages.

Hagen expanded the clan’s interests beyond the Byzantine Empire into Asia and the Middle East. Hagen, but his followers were forced to fall back to Constantinople during the Anarch Revolt when Assamite anarchs destroyed several chantries.. Hagen was a participant in the ritual to curse the Assamite.

Despite having failed his ultimate mission, he became Co-regent of clan Tremere along with Meerlinda after a long torpor in the 1700’s. Hagen’s territory is west of the Rockies. He has settled in Portland as his base of operations. In fact he was the very first vampire in Portland. The city has grown around him and as the city has grown so has the kindred population.Many Tremere in the region pay their respects, and receive council and leadership.

Hagen is a control freak, and an extreme adherer of the Traditions. For example, all ghouls and herd must be closely vetted before allowed to take part in kindred society. He is accustomed to receiving respect and decorum, and he will be resentful whenever he doesn’t receive it. He has little patience for fools. It is a rare event that Hagen will receive visitors at all, instead he will allow Seneschal Naia Ventura handle day to day operations if at all possible. Hagen is often impatient and brusk. He has long abandoned humanity and follows the Path of Power and Inner Voice. For this reason this makes him come off as distant and cold.

Hagen is slender, and rather rigid in posture. Hagen never slouches even when exhausted. His skin is rather pale, and his hair which he cuts every night is severely parted to the side. He is always impeccably-dressed, and only wears his robes at the chantry. His body is scarred from the wounds he has received over the centuries. Across his eye which is discolored is a battle scar he received from a Loup-Garou.

What Hagen Thinks and Feels About The Other Clans

Assamite-They are barred from my city, and shall be blood hunted and destroyed. Any Kindred or Kine harboring one shall be subject to final death!

Brujah- O how the mighty hath fallen. Once the Brujah lost their progenitor Troile, they lost their direction. Now they have descended into a lawless rabble which in my eyes- A Brujah must prove his innocence, and are presumed guilty-not the other way around.
From hence forth the Brujah shall be subject to a blood oath with me to insure their behavior, yet they will still bear watching nevertheless.

Caitiff-Wretched weaklings all. How they are a sign of the endtimes is beyond me. They shall be destroyed.

Followers of Set-They’re an infestation, but a necessary one. They have their uses. Where they get their information is something I need to understand. They possess our dirty little secrets and our great secrets. I await their fall.

Gangrel-Uncivilized, animalistic-let them stay on the outskirts of the city, and serve as watchdogs of the city against the lupine and the sabbat. But like the Brujah their frenzies are terrible to behold., and a danger to the Masquerade, so long as they know their place; they’re acceptable.

Giovanni-One must respect their old world nobility, their influence, and their knowledge, and their ability to manipulate the shadow lands. There are many similarities between my clan and theirs which is precisely what worries me….They are, in theory, untrammeled by the Traditions, and only a blood oath by this clan to me will they be permitted in my city.

Lasombra-Destroy those of the Sabbat, and be wary of those who claim allegiance to the Camarilla. I ask myself why one would accept complete subordination to the Camarilla, and still ever remain suspect among us? Their blood line demands power and they are limited among us which must chafe them. It’s only a matter of time before they either return to the Sabbat , or are hunted down by their Sabbat brethren as the submissive embarrassment that they are among them. They are banned in my city. Who needs that aggravation? Nip it in the bud.

Malkavians-The Malkavian are insane which is innate in their blood. They can’t help it. They are often a danger to those whom interact with them, and to the masquerade. Only those who are able to control themselves may be permitted in the city. Their insights, though often tortured and circuitous, are worth heeding. The Malkavians must be watched, and one deals with them at their peril.

Nosferatu-They are subordinated by their curse for the most part, and useful as spies for the court. So long as they don’t turn their eyes and ears toward you. Olaf and his childe Pedro have been nothing but serviceable to us. I have no qualms with this tradition bound clan, so long as they remain deep in their warrens and threaten not the masquerade with their hideous visages.

Ravnos-Tricksters, thieves, and troublemakers who have little regard for the Traditions despite their duplicitous claims to the contrary. They are banned from my city as any anarch would be.

Toreador It is with this clan whom we have historically gotten along the best. We have a history of mutual aid and respect which reaches back to the dark ages. For this I am apt to grant special favors and overlook their foibles. Not only do they closely follow the traditions, they raise the cultural profile in every city they inhabit; though I worry about the so called hedonists at times, I can count on their primogen to keep them in line. I know the one primogen Viktor Greysin our philosophies align in regards to the traditions.

Other Tremere-It has become apparent to me that the Tremere are the true regents and kings of Vampires. Long may we reign superior! The judicious and proper use of Thaumaturgy makes us preeminent, yet we must diligently maintain ourselves as examples and paragons of Cainanites. Despite my loyalty and allegiance to my clan if my clan mate steps out of line and breaks the traditions; then they are subject to the same fate as anyone else.

Tzimice- Kill them! I do not suffer them in my city. They have been our clan’s immortal enemy for a millennia.

Ventrue Here is a clan with whom we have a negative history. They are power hungry and are malcontent and seditious until they become the ruling clan in every city. They will stoop to anything for their power.That is why it delights me to thwart them whenever I can. We remember Deutschland and our home city of Vienna. I do not trust them. This is another clan subject to a blood oath.


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