Corey Johnston

A Troubled Childe of Esther


Name: Corey Johnston
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Portland By Night
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Survivor
Concept Embraced Street Kid
Clan: Nosferatu
Sire: Esther Carmicheal

Age: 20’s
Apparent Age Hard to tell
Date of Birth: 4-21-66
RIP: 1989
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race Caucasian
Nationality: Mixed European/ Native
Height: 5’8"
Sex: Male


Corey Johnston using the Mask of a Thousand Faces


Corey Johnston is a Nosferatu. It’s difficult to say old he is exactly. He was Embraced at the age of 23. Corey was more or less alone and living on the streets, shunned and rejected even by the street people. Corey has been Embraced since 1989 still very new and ready to be released from his sire.

Corey Johnston had a difficult life as a mortal, and has been, more or less, living on the streets since the age of 16 when he ran away from his abusive and neglectful mother. He never knew who his father was. As a boy he was allowed to run wild. As an infant he was born drug addicted, and on his own on the streets, he quickly became addicted to meth. He never had much luck with the ladies, and was only able to be with them if he supplied them drugs or money when he could get it. In any case, Corey is a survivor and while still a mortal, he knew the streets and back alleys above ground as well as any Nosferatu. As a Nosferatu he is beginning to understand the sewers as much as he understands the streets above ground.

Corey’s first brush with the supernatural was when he met the horrific bag lady Esther Carmicheal. Few could withstand to look at her face, and the smell of rot would cause the street community to give her a wide berth. But Esther was kind to Corey and would often feed him when he was hungry on food she bought or collected from food banks or dumpsters. On rainy nights she allowed him to stay at her rundown house on Ankenny. Despite detecting something otherworldly about Esther, he came to call her mom.

Corey as a mortal was never popular and always angry. He would start fights which he would usually lose. It was unfortunate that his skinny form never inspired much fear or street cred. It was an evening in late autumn, and Corey was found in a squat sheltering from the cold, and the gang who claimed ownership thought it would be amusing to kick the shit out of him before expelling him from the squat. The gang was beating him and kicking him down when Esther rolled up in her grocery cart, and took off her large Easter bonnet dropping her mask, and when they took one look at her face fully revealed, they fled into the night,

Esther saw Corey’s body broken and bleeding, so she decided to help. It had not been the first time she saw Corey beaten up. She knew that once Corey was Embraced, he need never worry about being battered again. Corey was never much to look at in the first place, so the painful loss of his looks was no big sacrifice. As soon as Esther sunk her fangs into Corey’s unconscious and dying form she knew that she had made the right decision. Corey was introduced to the world of darkness, and remained with Esther for the next two years.

Corey was indeed empowered by his new form, and will be forever grateful to Esther for it. Now he inspires terror, and gets a thrill from frightening those whom used to pick on him. For the last two years he has been imagining what he will do to the gang who beat him, and to the girl who shunned him. He will use his new monstrous form for vengeance- a slow torturous one . His plan is to ghoul the two gang members who beat on him the most is to ghoul them and spend the next foreseeable future beating on them, simply for the pleasure of torturing them again and again. He also wants to ghoul a pretty street girl who once shunned him. He has plans for her.

Corey is not nice, nor does he play nice, yet despite this he usually feeds subtly and silently by breaking into mortals’ houses at the dead of night to feed on their sleeping form. Corey’s haven is located in an old and abandoned section of rail yard in an old unused freight car. There is a repair pit under the train where he sleeps during the day. Corey usually smells of dust and oil because of it. From his haven he has easy access to the sewers where he retreats if he feels threatened or in danger.

Corey is very protective of Esther and very loyal to her. He follows most of her orders unfailingly and checks in on her from time to time. He still calls her mom, and if Corey hates the world he is redeemed somewhat by loving Esther. Corey wishes to resume his meth dealing, and operate out of his old stomping ground The Pancake House-A vile little eatery on Powell Bld. open 24 hours. Corey has stopped using; though he has been known to get high by drinking the blood of meth users whom he has as herd members. They come to him when they need a fix..

Corey’s motivations are to be a powerful presence on the street-to frighten all before him. He has begun to look into kindred politics, not as a participant necessarily, but rather a dealer in secrets. When Cores is not at his haven, or dealing meth or visiting Esther, he is silently using obfuscate to find out secrets of other kindred. He is close with other members of his clan. He is awed by Olaf and somewhat frightened of Pedro Gonzales, but he respects each and they get together in the warrens to discuss what they know.

Corey Johnston

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