Anando Tanis

Attractive young boyish Indian-American with a real twisted love for the lustful.


Name: Anando Tanis
Chronicle: Portland 1991
Nature: Conniver
Demeanor: Celebrant
Concept: Corrupt Entrepreneur
Clan: Followers of Set
Generation: 13th
Sire: Belle Equitone

Age: 23
Apparent Age: 20
Date of Birth: September 1st 1968
Year of the Monkey, Scorpio
Lucky colors: White, Gold & Blue,
Lucky numbers: 1, 8 and 7
Lucky flowers: Chrysanthemum, Alliums
Lucky Direction: North, West, Northwest
Avoid: 2, 5, 9 Red, Black, Grey, Dark Coffee, and the East.
RIP- 1988
Hair: Short & Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Indian-American (Not to be confused with Native American. He does not speak with an accent)
Nationality: American
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Sex: Male
Body Art: Tattoo of a Viper, the head on his neck (L), the body wrapping down his back and melding with a set of snake-like scales that go down his back and side, down onto his leg®.

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Charisma: 5
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 4

Perception: 2
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 4

Dodge: 1
Empathy: 2
Expression: 1
Intimidation: 1
Leadership: 3
Streetwise: 2
Subterfuge: 2

Drive: 1
Etiquette: 3
Stealth: 1

Academics: 1
Computer: 3
Finance: 3
Occult: 2

Obfuscate 1
Presence 3
Serpentis 0

Resources: 4
Retainers: 3
Herd: 4

Conviction: 3
Instinct: 3
Courage: 4



Scales (Setite specific Flaw, needs approval – I swapped with another flaw that didn’t work with my character concept) 1-3pt, I replaced a 2pt, which requires a substantial amount of scales, so a large portion of my torso and half of my right leg are covered in scales. I’ll bring a drawing.

Addiction (Heroine – used daily at dawn on routine, to induce a Set-blessed peaceful day slumber), Deep Sleeper (With this plus the heroine, I have no hope of waking up until I am damned ready to. I’d seem a corpse to anyone who saw me in such a state.), Disease Carrier (HIV – I have a whole herd of people who are actively spreading HIV that will someday become a massive AIDS epidemic. They do not know this. When I do not spend a Bloodpool upon waking, I feel as if I have the flu, fever, sore-throat, and fatigue,) Catspaw (I’ve done a favor for the Prince, and instead of granting me favor the deed has made me a liability – my former employers concern is to keep me quite, and in the long term, to get rid of me,) Sheriff’s Friend (I’m on the local law enforcement’s good-side.), Enchanting Voice (The difficulty of all dice rolls involving my voice to persuade, charm, or command are reduced by 2), Common Sense (WARNING, THATS STUPID, from the Story Teller BEFORE making bad choices that are out of character for my clever boy,) Natural Leader (Granted two extra dice when making Leadership rolls)


Parents: Immigrants from India, owners of a convenience store in Sacramento, CA.
Childhood: Worked in parents store, learned finances and business young, was the life of the ‘party’ because of supplying goods (porn, cigs and booze) from the store.
High-School: Worked less, Studied more. Was popular and trusted – kept people’s secrets and supported many naughty deeds.
University: Decided to study psychology, and sociology while on a path to become a medical professional. Attended Oregon State University. Kept playing social games on peers, treating them as experiments. Frequented Portland with friends.

It was on one of these trips to Portland that Anando met Belle Equitone. She was the most fascinating person he had ever met, and he became obsessed rather immediately. The more he got to know, the more of Set, the more he wanted to leave his life behind and join the path of Revelation – learn how to become ready, and prepare others for the return of Set.

His resistance was futile, if you could count it as resisting. He dropped out of school and moved to Portland to pursue his cultist desires. He was a fast pupil of Set’s ways, as if he were born to be one of Set’s chosen to rule the world in the stead of the Aeons once the Sun God is removed from power. His embrace was the most exquisitely terrifying and delightful experience of his life. He rose again, the boy dead, and the man ready to usher the herd.

He used what money he had to start up a business, one whore turned into two, turned into three and then five. He set up a place for them to live and work, a pleasure house of sexual delight. That first house was just the beginning though, he had a dream to bring people’s darkest sexual desires to life – and a sexy young man and a couple of breasty drug addicts just would not suffice. He made an animal house out in the suburbs. Housed there, a couple horses, a pony, some sheep, dogs, and gerbils. Training these animals to be fountains of pleasure was a duty he left to some of his most eager herd. He made a house of kink, “The House of Taboo” where barely legal sex acts happened on the main floor, and the more trusted client could come down into the basement for much more extreme fantasy realization (often resulting in death, dismemberment, or severe trauma). Again, it fell to his herd to gather victims and to clean up the mess when a client was satisfied. The victims who had survived heinous treatment were to be kept, as potential followers of set if the trauma had triggered a void deep enough to free their souls. It was this house that Anando found he loved the most. He kept an apartment in the same building, so if at any point he felt a desire he too could indulge until no desire remained. He is currently starting up a movie studio, using the new-fangled computer technology to make sexual desires available to anyone with access – he has herd in charge of that as well. (60 herd in total, many of which are sex-objects, others who upkeep business.)

Since his three houses of pleasure came to be he has managed to attract several kindred to the houses too. Nothing in quite as pleasurable as corrupting Kindred. The Prince himself had taken interest in Anando’s business, which to Anando’s misfortune has made him a keeper of a very important man’s secrets. It seems clear that the Prince intends to keep those secrets secret by means other than trust – which really, is just unfair. Everyman will be equal when Set rises, and all will face great darkness. Only those who feel no shame for their true souls will have any chance… only time will tell if Set rises before the Prince shuts Anando down.

Anando has several hired guards, as well as his retainers. He has three big ghouls, one deaf (can read), one mute, and one blind, who follow him around to do his bidding, their main purpose is physical tasks. He loathes having to break a sweat doing anything that isn’t particularly pleasurable (athletics and fighting being atop that list). When he blood-bound his ghouls, he took their senses, in a sadistic ritual of sacrifice to become his loyal men. He felt, a man who can not hear can not be charmed, a man who can not see can not be visually dupes, and a man who can not speak can not tell the deepest of secrets. The ghouls are to be a brotherhood and work together to protect him, if he is dissatisfied with their performance he will deny them their pleasure and give them to those who would torture them for sexual gratification. He has the three of them take shifts as watch-man while he sleeps during the day hours in his apartment that has bared, boarded up windows, and thick curtains. They have clear instructions to not allow anyone to enter his chambers while he is sleeping.

About Monkey and Scorpio (because yes, I put that much research into my character…)
“The Monkey is always enthusiastic, clever, innovative – particularly in career and wealth, self-assured, and sociable. They are lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. Their gentleness and honesty bring them an everlasting (quite literally for me) love life. Downsides: jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant.
Monkey Scorpio: In their early age they are already resourceful and astute strategists in career. The spirit of adventure leads them to explore the unknown world, which leads them to the accumulation of more wealth. They live an economic lifestyle. They are welcome and accept criticisms. In love, they deliver a ton of positive energy (or is that Presence?) to others that can overwhelm others – and in turn they expect a lot of compliments, and loyalty. Partners betrayal or cheating will not be tolerated.”

Anando Tanis

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